Hip Hop Beer Names for IPA Brewers – Vol 2

Delivering another serving of unused hip hop inspired beer names. Feel free to use them at your convenience. In a bid to contribute and help the brewers to continue focusing on the product, I've produced this entirely unsolicited list of hip hop lyric inspired beer names.  As of the publish date, none of these names … Continue reading Hip Hop Beer Names for IPA Brewers – Vol 2

Wet Your Beak: Copenhagen Denmark

I unabashedly love Copenhagen. It's a fantastic city on the water, full of diverse cuisine, friendly people, and delicious beers. I've been to Copenhagen twice, going back to back years for the Mikkeller/Copenhagen Beer Celebration. If you're going to Copenhagen soon, here's a list of places to wet your beak. Mikkeller Viktoriagade This bar has … Continue reading Wet Your Beak: Copenhagen Denmark