March Madness Quick Hits

Following our 5th annual March Madness Bottle Share Tournament, I decided to look through the past to put together some notes and observations about previous tourneys.

  • Pastry stouts have won 4 out of 5 previous tournaments
  • A Wild beer, has been in the Final 4 of every tournament, and in the Finals 3x
  • People ask if the whale in our logo has a name. Yes, his name is Spaulding
  • The Number #1 Overall seeds for the previous tournaments includes Prop 14 twice, Rare Scooop, Tree House Good Morning, and Toppling Goliath Mornin Delight ’18
  • There have been 142 bottles entered through the first 4 tournaments
  • 80 Breweries have been represented in the first 4 tournaments
  • The Bruery has had the most bottles entered from any brewery with 12. No Bruery beer has made it past the Elite 8
  • Despite it being a Chicago event, only one Chicago brewery has won, Spiteful BA Malevolence Chocolate Caliente.
  • No beer has ever finished in the Final 4 more than once
  • Goose Island and Fremont are the only breweries that has ever been in the Finals more than once with 3 appearances total from Backyard Rye (2015) and Vanilla Rye (2017) and Prop 14 (2018,) and Fremont with Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb (2015) and Brew 3000 (2019)
Jett celebrating Winning the 2017 March Madness Tournament

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