2015 March Madness Bottle Share Tournament

The First Tournament

Date –  March 28, 2015
Location – Don Becker’s House of Julio
Participants – 16
Bottle Entrants – 39
#1 Overall SeedGoose Island Proprietor’s Bourbon County 2014
Champion – Fremont Coffee Cinnamon Bourbon Barrel Abominable, Leo Fliman
Full Bracket Link – 2015 march-madness-bracket final

What is all this?

The first year was largely about executing a fun idea. People were allowed to submit 2 or 3 beers per person. There was an incredible array of beers. The first year was notable for having the best lambic field of entrants than future tournaments. It included Lou Pepe Kriek 2012 sticker, Vigneronne ’13, Saint Lamvinus ’13, and Tilquin Quetsche. Astonishingly, none made it to the Final Four.

Drain Pour Region

This bracket was dominated by Goose Island with Prop 14 and Backyard as the top 2 seeds in the region, weaving a path of destruction. There were 2 3-way matches with Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter and Vigneronne advancing, both of which were then beaten by the Bourbon County Variants. No upsets occurred until Backyard upset the coconut water cinnamon Prop, allowing Backyard to advance to the Final Four

New Money Region

This bracket was lead by #1 seed Bourbon County Bramble Rye, and the eventual Champion Fremont Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb. This bracket gave us the first major upset of the day in a first round matchup between Bramble and Jackie O’s Double Dynamo. In a 2-1 split decision that still has controversy surrounding it to this day, Double Dynamo knocked out disputably the best Bourbon County variant ever made.

A crushing upset as Jackie O’s defeated Bramble Rye

Double Dynamo then lost to De Garde Berry Bu in a raspberry fight. Barleywine legend Deal with the Devil from Anchorage won a 3 way before losing to Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb. B-Bomb then beat Berry Bu, in a Pacific Northwest Elite 8 matchup to move on to the Final Four.

Shelf Turdz Region

This bracket was lead by #1 seed Remy’s Pappy from Taps in California, and Bruery Mocha Wednesday. This bracket largely was dominated by all favorites with the exception of Fremont Bourbon Barrel Abominable winning a 3 way over Parabola, and Peche N Brett.

Remy’s Pappy beat Mocha Wednesday to make it to the Final Four.

Not My Mule Region

This region in hindsight was overly stacked with lambic, a side effect of trying to prevent individual submitters from having to face themselves early in the tournament. The high seeds were Lou Pepe Kriek, and St Lamvinus. In the first 3 way, Tilquin Quetsche beat Bruery Grey Monday and Barrel Aged Bigfoot

In the second 3 way matchup in this region, De Garde Stone Bu beat Evil Twin Bourbon Barrel Imperial Biscotti Break, and Russian River Temptation beginning an incredible Cinderella run. This continued as it shocked everyone in beating Lou Pepe Kriek in the next match. Saint Lamvinus overcame the plums in Tilquin Quetsche only to be clipped again by Stone Bu, as the stone fruit De Garde wild made it to the Final Four.

Final Four

The Finals pitted Leo Fliman against Ian Ferow in 2 Semifinal matchups. Ian’s Remy’s Pappy Vs Leo’s Stone Bu, and Ian’s Backyard Rye Vs Leo’s Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb. Both Pacific Northwest beers advanced, creating what would become a trend in the tournament: The Championship consisting of 2 beers from the same person.

In a unanimous 3-0 decision Fremont Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb became the first March Madness Bottle Share Tournament Champion

Leo Champion drink
Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb Champion, Leo Fliman