FoBAB 2018 Best In Show Futures – Odds to Win

We love to mix our beer and our gambling over here (see March Madness for details.)

With that in mind, we’ve published a list of futures odds for the winner of Best in Show at the Festival of Barrel Aged Beers. I’d say this is for entertainment purposes only but with the federal changes on sports gambling, do we even have to say that anymore? In any case, find someone else to book your $5 bet on Bottle Logic.

Opening line is the brewery’s line, beers sight unseen. Have at it, degenerates.

Brewery EntrantsOpening Line
Beachwood Blendery (Long Beach, CA)40/1
Bottle Logic Brewing (Anaheim, CA) *WINNER*11/2
Casa Agria Specialty Ales(Oxnard, CA)18/1
Casey Brewing & Blending (Glenwood Springs, CO)14/1
Cerebral Brewing (Denver, CO)12/1
Cruz Blanca Brewery (Chicago, IL)14/1
Fremont Brewing (Seattle, WA)8/1
Funk Factory Geuzeria(Madison, WI)11/1
Goose Island Beer Company (Chicago, IL)6/1
Hailstorm Brewing Co (Tinley Park, IL)16/1
Horus Aged Ales (Oceanside, CA)9/2
Lil’ Beaver Brewing (Bloomington, IL)5/1
Listermann Brewing Company  (Cincinnati, OH)4/1
Logsdon Farmhouse Ales(Hood River, OR)22/1
Mikerphone Brewing (Elk Grove Village, IL)9/1
More Brewing Co. (Villa Park, IL)3/1
Old Irving Brewing Co. (Chicago, IL)13/1
Pipeworks Brewing (Chicago, IL)12/1
Rare Barrel (Berkely, CA)23/1
Revolution Brewing (Chicago, IL)9/1
Speciation Artisan Ales (Comstock Park, MI)19/1
The Bruery (Placentia, CA)10/1
The Lost Abbey (San Marcos, CA)18/1
Transient Artisan Ales (Bridgman, MI)9/1
Voodoo Brewing Co. (Meadville, PA)5/1
Witchs Hat (South Lyon, MI)22/1
Wolf’s Ridge Brewing (Columbus, OH)30/1

Things to consider

  • Judging is blind
  • Breweries from the Midwest have a high win rate
  • Wilds typically win less than dark beers
  • Last 2 winners have been More Brewing and Listermann Brewing

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