Goose Island Clybourn Brewhouse Wax Color Guide

Time after time I’ve seen people combing through their cellars struggling to figure out what Goose Island Brewpub bottle they have.

Goose Island’s original Brewpub previously started 750ml bottle releases in 2013. The bottle art has changed but one thing has not, the name of the beer is never on the bottle. The only way to differentiate beer from beer is the wax colors.

Below is a list of previous Goose Island Brewhouse (formerly known as Goose Island Clybourn) bottle releases sorted by name, description and wax color of the bottles. This list only does not include Proprietary or Vainglorious, but does include Night Fights

Last Updated: 4/6/20

Beer Name Description Wax Color Example
BA Big Lazy Joe Imperial brown ale with coffee aged in bourbon barrels Red  Big Lazy Joe
BA Impervious Imperial stout Olive Khaki  BA Impervious
Big Train Imperial Rye Porter aged for 10 months in Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve barrels Dark Cream Big Train
Brettanomite Sour wheat that was aged 13 months in oak barrels Yellow Brettanomite
Cherry Run Wheatwine aged in Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrels and finished with Tart Cherries Pink Pearl Cherry Run
Cthulhu Imperial Oatmeal Stout aged in an 18 year Elijah Craig Barrel Periwinkle Blue Cthulhu Blue
Cthulhu Imperial Oatmeal Stout aged in an 18 year Elijah Craig Barrel Copper Cthulhu Copper
Dark Crusader Imperial stout aged in Woodford Reserve barrels Lavender Purple Dark Crusader
Double Date Belgian Quad aged for 10 months in 12 year Elijah Craig barrels. Black Double Date
Flanders Red Flemish red ale aged in wine barrels
Brick Red Flanders Red
Grimm Vicar Belgian Dark Abbey Ale aged 2/3 in red wine barrels and 1/3 in bourbon barrels. Black Sparkled Grimm Vicar
Ground Control Barrel aged strong ale Matte Silver/Gray Ground Control
Night Fights Raspberry Impervious Lilac, light purple Night Fights.jpg
Nutulhu Hazelnut Oatmeal Stout Bright White Nutulhu
Silver Jubilee Double Pale Ale Forest Green Silver Jubilee
Yellow Umbrella Description Yellow Yellow Umbrella

Photos courtesy of Untappd

Additional Notes

  • There was 2 releases of Cthulhu, but they are the same beer from the same aging period. Copper is the first release, and the Periwinkle Blue is the second.
  • Yellow Umbrella and Brettanomite are both Yellow wax. If the bottle has a 25th anniversary logo on it, it’s Brettanomite, if it doesn’t, then its Yellow Umbrella
  • BA Impervious, Big Train, and Ground Control are all kind of a vague brown/gray/green color. They can easily run together so check them closely if you’re unsure. A lot of photos make those wax colors look different depending on how well lit they are.

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