Hip Hop Beer Names for IPA Brewers – Vol 1

Originally published: June 2, 2017

Monkish, Mikerphone, and Other Half (and several more) are consistently putting out some of the most enjoyable New England style Juice incendiary devices anywhere. They are also commonly sourcing names for these beers from notable hip hop songs from the early 90s to the mid 00’s. I’m a huge fan of this naming convention.

In a bid to help the brewers to continue focusing on the product, I’ve produced this entirely unsolicited list of hip hop lyric inspired beer names.  As of the publish date, none of these names have been used before on Untappd.

These names are offered freely, without any conditions. Just keep cranking out delicious NEIPAs that look like orange juice and chicken broth and we’re all square.

Mikerphone has never formally declared allegiance to either coast

Loose Myself, Juice Myself – Po Pimp [Do or Die]

Soothing Souvenirs – Don’t Sweat the Technique [Eric B and Rakim] 

Take it Back to 79 – Triumph [Wu-Tang]

Raw Flows – Notorious B.I.G. [Notorious BIG]

I Want to be Saved – Captain Save a Hoe [E-40]

Tyson, Jordan, Jackson – Victory [Puff Daddy]

Moonwalk Platoon Hawk – Da Rockwilder [Method Man and Redman]

Diego to the Bay – California Love [2 Pac ft Dr Dre] Probably ideal as a Modern Times/Fieldwork collab

Mack Millimeter Rhymes – Nothin’ [NORE]

Tripped, Fell, Landed – Guilty Conscience [Eminem ft. Dr Dre]

Elevator to the Top – Still Not a Player [Big Pun]

Boogie Down Professional – Still Not a Player [Big Pun]

Gentle, Sentimental – Bitch Please [Snoop Dogg ft. Xzibit]

Candy Coated Helicopter – Bling Bling [BG]

Jelly Jam and Preserve – How Ya Do Dat [Young Bleed ft Master P and C-Loc]

JUICE! JUICE! JUICE! JUICE! – Juice [Chance The Rapper] I’m going to be real underwhelmed if a Chicago brewer doesn’t collaborate with Chano on this one. I can already see the trade forums lighting up for “JJJJ”

Have at it brewers.

Socrates’ philosophies and hypotheses require brewers to drop these

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