Wet Your Beak: Gothenburg Sweden

During my travels last Summer, I kept track of some of the better craft beer spots I experienced in Europe. This is the first in an eventual series of cities I’ve experienced with a walk through of some of the choice craft spots I have visited.


The Rover
The Rover was my favorite beer spot that I spent time at while in Gothenburg. This relatively newer establishment has a diverse tap list, about half of which is Swedish. They also had several UK beers from Brew By Numbers and American stuff as well. They had an impressive bottle list with better prices than neighboring locations. Their food menu is relatively short, but they take pride in making great stuff. I had an enjoyable burger here. I love the decor of this place, from the brilliant green tile behind the bar, to a really cool collage of many of the Omnipollo doodles Karl has made so famous.

The Rover

Tre Små Rums
The bar name simply means 3 Small Rooms. It’s a cozy bar composed of the 3 aforementioned rooms. They maintained a short list of taps with a lot of American stuff. They also had a few selections of their own beer. I tried the Persian Cake. It seemed to be a work in progress. Bottle selection looks deceptively good, except the best 1/3rd of bottles are not for sale. The full trophy bottles displayed but not served included Thomas Hardy’s, Lou Pepe Kriek and Sam Triple Bock. In the year since I was there, their selection now seems to be much more of their own house beers.

3 Small Rooms

Described as a Dive bar, this place seems much more relaxed, as a craft centric bar. Bottles comprise 90% of their offerings. There’s >6 big coolers spread out in a few sitting rooms so you’ll have to float to see them all.  This also includes 2 which feel like you need to ask permission to see, as they’re kind of behind the bar at a difficult angle to see, if you’re facing the bar. Very short tap selection. Food is available.

Ölstugan Tullen
Prides itself on being a Swedish only bar. About 10 taps, but most of the locals might just be drinking “Guld.” No formal bottle list, but they have a fair amount of bottles. Look for selections from Omnipollo, Brewski, Beerbliotek

The Gothenburg waterfront

Brewers Bar
Clean looking place that feels like it could be a bistro. Short menu primarily consisting of pizzas. Pretty balanced between taps and bottles. Very friendly staff

This was my last stop in Gothenburg. Unfortunately it was in the process of closing for the evening. The space was fairly open. The beer list seemed to have a fair amount of stouts. No shortage of good imports and their logo/theme was enjoyable.

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