2021 May Madness Bottle Share Tournament Preview

After a 26 month hiatus, the Madness is back! Following several delays in 2020 and finally reaching a level of comfort where we’re all willing to get vaxxed and in a room together, the March Madness Bottle Share Tournament returns as May Madness. See the official bracket below along with a small breakdown of our regions

Pfizer Region

The Pfizer region is lead by #1 Overall Seed Beer:Barrel:Time 2020. As the highest rated beer of all submissions it gets this illustrious spot. Shared BA Ambiente leads the bottom half of this region but may contend with the winner of difficult Cuvee de Grace/LPG matchup.

AstraZeneca Region

Astra Zeneca is lead by Coconut Vibes b3. Coconut Vibes b2 appeared in the last tournament in 2019 also with a #1 seed making it as far as the Elite 8 before falling to the eventual winner, Fremont Brew 3000. This is probably the most interesting region as it includes a barrel aged Dark Lord, a fresh pastry drop from upcoming Chicago area brewery Whiskey Hill -BA TFTI, a blend of Zenne y Frontera, and a crowler of a rare release from Revolution, Double Barrel VSOD Apple Brandy. This region also contains the only magnum (1.5L) submitted with Maple Sleeping Forever from The Veil. There’s a very good chance this Regional Final may consist of exclusively pastries, though Zenne could play spoiler.

Johnson & Johnson Region

Side Project’s recent drop Continuance leads the J&J region. This region contains 4 wilds including Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen, The Referend, and De Garde. Much like the Pfizer region the top 2 seeds here are both St Louis, with Perennial BA Abraxas making its first appearance in the history of the Bottle Share Tournament.

Moderna Region

The Moderna region is the only region with a #1 seed not originating from Side Project/Shared, with Xtra Dubl Benthic from Half Acre, probably the most coconut forward beer in the tournament, in my opinion, and that takes into consideration the Coconut Vibes nut assault. #2 is BCBS Vanilla 2018, which some think is drinking perfect right now, while others find it blasé. The bottom half of this bracket could easily be won by any of the 4 entries.

The tournament goes down Saturday May 22nd. Follow along for more details.

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@MMBeerTourney on Twitter for live updates during the tournament

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