Mikkeller Beer Celebration – Copenhagen Top 10 Tastes of the Festival

I’m aiming for a broader write up later, but I wanted to put together my short list of the Top 10 beers from the Mikkeller Beer Celebration. These are in no particular order but were all obvious 4.75/5’s on Untappd, if you enjoy that scoring methodology.

Henok behind the sticks at Omnipollo

Top 10

  • Angry Chair – Barrel Aged Imperial German Chocolate Cake Stout
  • Bokkereyder – Perzik
  • Bokkereyder – Kriek Saison
  • Omnipollo – Barrel Aged Extra Maple Lorelei
  • Mikkeller – Spontanpentablueberry
  • Bokkereyder – &
  • Mikkeller – Barrel Aged Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Shake
  • Bokkereyder – Framboos Cognac
  • The Veil – Never Never Forever Forever
  • Voodoo – Old Forester Black Magick
If you’ve come for the Goat, you’ve come to the right place

Non Beer Honorable Mentions

  • Bokkereyder – Wine Meets Lambic
  • Superstition – Berry White Grand Cru
  • Superstition – Berry White Grand Cru aged in Fundamenal Observation Barrels
  • Superstition – Marion
Bokkereyder’s line was consistently the longest line of the festival. It was easily 3-4x as long as last year.

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